Market Sectors


We offer solutions for household & industrial chemicals, which is an intensely competitive industry where comfortable use and eye-catching visuals are at the forefront. We offer advantageous products in volumes ranging from 400 cc to 5 lt, in appropriate weights and in eye-catching models and colors. As a bottle structure, we make both ergonomic and economical products.

We manage all processes together, from concept to design, 3D prototyping, molding, production and decoration. With a very flexible production process, we are able to offer low minimum order quantities and fast responses.


We produce and package sensitive food products such as milk, ayran, turnip juice, pomegranate syrup, fruit juice, boza, lemon sauce, lemonade, carbonated drink, vinegar, kefir, tahini from pure raw materials suitable for food in the most appropriate way for human health. Again, we offer alternative bottle products to our customers with different color and design options. We support our bottles that we offer to our customers, suitable for different designs and mouth structures, with cap models that we produce in different color tones.

Our ergonomic preform and bottle production capabilities and rapid adaptation in the beverage market have helped many well-established and enterprising brands launch their new products with great success.

We are a family of professionals based on our commitment to a high level of service, accredited quality standards, a philosophy of continuous improvement and knowledgeable staff.