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Kayalar Tekstil Conf. Plastic Packaging Industry. Trade Ltd. Sti. It was established in 1965 as a family business in a small store with a drapery trade. Our company, which made the transition from commerce to industry with the production of ready-made garments in 1979, is still under the name of İncirlik Blv. No:354 Yuregir / Adana, in a closed area of ​​25.000 m², with the brand “bigazzi”, coats, t-shirts, tracksuits, etc. continues its activities in production and trade.

Among the Kayalar Group companies; Adana Mensucat Industry and Trade Inc. In the field of open-end, ring, vortex yarn production and trade since 2003 in its facilities located in Adana H.Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone, Dalga Su, “Marka Su ve Su Ürünleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. Sti.” Since 2013, it has been operating in the field of packaged water production in its facilities located in the Kızıldağ region of Adana’s Karaisalı district with its commercial title. In addition, Kayabey Construction Ltd. Sti. continues its activities in real estate purchase and sale and production of quality luxury residences.

Kayalar Group, which decided to invest in the production of plastic packaging and equipment, started business research in 2019 and completed its investment activity in 2020 and became Kayalar Tekstil Konf. Plastic Packaging Industry. Trade Ltd. Sti. started production in-house. In its facilities established on a closed area of ​​4.500 m² in Adana H.Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone; It started the production of bottles for all kinds of liquids between 100 cc and 5 liters, and the production of bottles, caps, handles and preforms for the food, cosmetics, cleaning and chemistry sectors. In the bottle production line; Packaging of foods such as ayran, turnip, milk, lemonade, olive oil, pomegranate syrup, fruit juice, and production of bottles of all types and sizes from cleaning, cosmetic and chemical products from cologne to liquid soap. In the injection line, the caps, handles and preforms of the bottles we produce are manufactured.