Using the latest technologies, we offer high quality production standards in design, planning and final product processes.

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Hygienic Packaging Solutions

In our facilities located in Adana H.Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone on a closed area of 4.500 m²; We manufacture bottles for all kinds of liquids between 100 cc and 5 liters, and also we produce bottles, caps, handles and preforms for the food, cosmetics, cleaning and chemistry sectors. In the bottle production line; Packaging of foods such as ayran, turnip, milk, lemonade, olive oil, pomegranate syrup, fruit juice, and production of bottles of all types and sizes from cleaning, cosmetic and chemical products from cologne to liquid soap. In the injection line, the caps, handles and preforms of the bottles we produce are manufactured.

We are passionate about delivering quality services to our customers all the way through as we continually grow, learn and innovate. With our multi-industry competencies, we provide our customers with a more reliable supply chain and long-lasting production consulting.



Piyasa rekabetinde öne çıkan, tüketicileri ikna eden ve aynı zamanda çevreye duyarlı özel şişe tasarımları.


Her türlü ihtiyacı karşılamak için çeşitli boyut ve renklerde polipropilen kulp ve adaptörler sunmaktayız.


Her türlü ihtiyacı karşılamak için çeşitli boyut ve renklerde polipropilen kapak ve adaptörler sunmaktayız.


Farklı ağırlık kategorileri, her türlü opak veya şeffaf tonlarda ve UV filtreli preform çeşitleri üretmekteyiz.

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